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You may be considering drafting an e-mail to First Second.  You’re thinking, ‘Important things are on my mind that I must tell those folks at First Second!  An e-mail shall be composed straightaway!’

Here is the first thing to know.

If you know someone at First Second and have their e-mail address, send your e-mail to them!  Even if you are like, ‘as a librarian, should I really be e-mailing the designer at First Second with this question about libraries?’  The person you know will have a better sense of who you are and what you need.

If you don’t know anyone at First Second, the best way to contact us is by e-mail.  (Seriously.  Wer’e off at meetings frequently, so phone calls aren’t always an efficient way to get in touch.  And showing up at our offices unannounced tends to not be the best way to have a good conversation with us.)

You’ll notice that at the top of this website, you’ll see a button that says ‘contact us.’  Shockingly, you’ll find that it has our contact information!

The best address to reach us at for First Second things is our general one:

‘But wait!’ you’ll say.  ‘That’s clearly a generic e-mail address!  Any e-mail that gets sent there will get lost!  No one will ever notice it!’

Let us reassure you: this is not the case!  The mail@ address goes directly into our inboxes, so we cannot actually forget to check it or anything like that.  That is really the best way to reach us.

‘But wait!’ you’ll say again.  ‘It seems strange to just send off an e-mail like that — perhaps I can at least address it?’

That you can do!

If you are e-mailing with a submission, you can address your e-mail to our Senior Editor, Calista Brill.

If you are e-mailing about basically anything else — desk copies, author visits, media requests, review copy requests, misprint questions, reprint questions, author events, basic company information, teacher, librarian, or retailer requests, website requests, etc., you can address your e-mail to Gina Gagliano in Marketing and Publicity.

And we promise: we do read all the e-mails we receive.