Let’s go with the most depressing reason possible: sometimes, authors die.  Sometimes (less depressingly) they give up writing or drawing because they feel like their books aren’t reaching people.  Sometimes, they get depressed and have bad days and wonder why they’re struggling along in this challenging industry.

We all love books because they change our lives — they change the way we think about the world, about people, and about ourselves — about who we could be and how we should be.

With that in mind — and the fact that it’s so easy to find authors’ e-mail addresses online — why wouldn’t you take some time to write to an author whose books have been important to you?

Even a note that’s just a few sentences — ‘I loved your book, it was my favorite thing growing up’ or ‘This book was the best thing I read this year’ or ‘Your writing is amazing!’ is guaranteed to brighten any author’s day and remind them why writing books is one of the best jobs ever.