Happy Book Birthday to Science Comics: Sharks!

Happy book birthday to Science Comics: Sharks by Joe Flood! This volume: In Sharks, we explore one of the most unfairly villainized and Hollywood-famous underwater predators. With their 400-million year history, their vital role in maintaining the ecosystem, their incredible specialized adaptations, and their various unique species, there is a lot more to sharks than just their [...]

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Happy Book Birthday to Peter & Ernesto: A Tale of Two Sloths!

Happy book birthday Peter & Ernesto: A Tale of Two Sloths by Graham Annable! Peter and Ernesto are sloths. Peter and Ernesto are friends. When Ernesto leaves to have a grand adventure, Peter stays behind and frets. The two friends grow even closer in separation, as Peter the homebody expands his horizons and Ernesto the wanderer [...]

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Happy Book Birthday Scarlett Hart: Monster Hunter!

Happy book birthday to Scarlett Hart: Monster Hunter by Marcus Sedgwick and Thomas Taylor! Scarlett Hart is the last of a long line of monster hunters, and this stubborn young orphan is determined to carry on her dead parents’ work even if she’s too young to be licensed by the monster hunters union. With the help [...]

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Happy Book Birthday to Science Comics: Robots & Drones!

Happy book birthday to Science Comics: Robots & Drones This volume: In Robots & Drones, a mechanical dove named Pouli introduces a wide array of robots of various capacities. He covers one of the oldest robots, the coin-powered water fountain; everyday essentials like the coffee maker and the car; and even modern-day weapons of war. Pouli [...]

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Happy Book Birthday to Secret Coders: Potions & Parameters!

Happy Book Birthday to the newest book from Gene Luen Yang & Mike Holmes’ awesome Secret Coders series, Potions & Parameters! The Secret Coders series really picks up steam in the fifth volume, Paths & Portals. We learn more about the secret history of Stately Academy. And Josh,who you might have written off as an annoying jerk-face, turns [...]

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Happy Book Birthday to Star Scouts: The League of Lasers!

  Happy book birthday to Star Scouts: League of Lasers by Mike Lawrence! Avani has found the one place in the universe where she fits in: Star Scouts. Among this ragtag group of intergalactic scouts, Avani can really be herself. And now that her new (human) friend, Jen,  has joined the troop, things are better [...]

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Happy Book Birthday to Brazen!

Happy book birthday to brazen by Pénélope Bagieu! With her characteristic wit and dazzling drawings, Pénélope Bagieu profiles the lives of formidable female role models, some world famous, some little known. From Nellie Bly to Mae Jemison, or Josephine Baker to Naziq al-Abid, their stories are sure to inspire the next generation of rebel ladies.

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Happy Book Birthday to Cucumber Quest: The Ripple Kingdom!

Happy book birthday to Cucumber Quest: The Ripple Kingdom by Gigi D.G.! Join nerdy magician Cucumber and his feisty knight-in-training little sister, Almond, as they set out to retrieve the Dream Sword, the only weapon powerful enough to defeat Evil Queen Cordelia’s Nightmare Knight. Cucumber Quest: The Ripple  Kingdom is the second of a series of delightfully [...]

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