May 12, 2014
Posted by: Gina Gagliano
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(Children’s Book Week; it turns out that it’s this week)

Book Week

It’s Children’s Book Week this week!  And that’s great because books for kids are wonderful.  We love having a whole week to celebrate them in!

Here are five easy ways you can join in the celebration:

1. Read a children’s book this week!  Many of them are delightful.

2. What was your favorite children’s book when you were a small child?  Call up your parents and ask them.  (Mine are always delighted to tell me about the book about the  that I made them read over . . . and over . . . and over . . . and over . . . and over and now have absolutely no memory of.)

3. Tell your friends about your favorite children’s book — one that you can actually still remember having read.  Who has the weirdest favorite?  Whose is the most obscure?

4. What’s your favorite children’s book that you actually own?  Dig it out of your bookshelf and put it in a place of honor this week — somewhere where you can gaze upon it and contemplate the folly and delight of youth.

5. Find an actual real-life child!  Then read to them a children’s book.  Their favorite?  Your favorite?  Let them pick!

And, if you’re in for a more challenging course, check out the list of Children’s Book Week events up on the Children’s Book Week website!  They’re everywhere . . . and you could go to one!

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