Yay! That classy Jessa Crispin of BOOKLSUT, has our first Eddie Campbell mention for 2007:

The book I’m most excited about in 2007 is Eddie Campbell’s Black Diamond Detective Agency . As I have said a billion times before, Campbell’s Fate of the Artist was one of my favorite books of last year. And I finally replaced his collaboration with Alan Moore, From Hell , and have begun rereading it. (The new edition has French Flaps! It almost makes it worth having to buy a second copy.) And I am addicted to Campbell’s blog , what with the look at the From Hell script and his tale of finding the original version of Alec in an attic.

First Second Books has created a trailer for Black Diamond, complete with an overblown voiceover (“a crime that would SHAKE THE WORLD!”) to get you excited.

This has been your Eddie Campbell update for the day. I’m sure this will get tiring after a while.