Dear First Second friends,

It’s with some bittersweet feelings that we’re writing to you today, to let you know Gina Gagliano will be leaving First Second, for the next chapter in her career, with Penguin Random House. 

There are many factors we can all point to in the past years, which have contributed mightily to the unfolding comics renaissance in America—from a string of great award-winning works, to graphic novels that connect and resonate with all kinds of readers, an explosion of regional cons and trade shows, to librarians, publishers, and journalists who have each propelled comics in a thousand ways—and we think, among these truly transformative factors, there is one that deserves to be known, and that is Gina Gagliano.

Gina has helped make First Second what it is today—and in so many ways she has helped create the landscape today for publishing graphic novels in America. We’re sad to see her go, but we’re happy for this bright new opportunity for her to shine. We know she’ll continue to champion the future of comics, wherever she is. 

With warm wishes to our friend,

Mark & Calista
Mark Siegel      Calista Brill
Editorial & Creative Director     Editorial Director