New York City has a visitor this week and next, and it's our extremely talented author Emmanuel Guibert


If you would like to gaze upon the awesomeness that is Emmanuel, and (gasp!) perhaps even talk to him, here is where you can find him:


Witness! Quiet Revolutions in Storytelling

From the photographs taken at Abu Ghraib, to police torture videos from
Cambodia and Egypt, to blogs and Facebook groups for hunger-striking
activists in Saudi Arabia, technology is affecting both who is
reporting and what gets reported. What will be the cumulative effect of
this quiet revolution? We’ll hear stories from Iraq, Europe, the United
States, and intersections of all three.

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1,000 Words: The Power of Visual Storytelling

What can pictures provide that words cannot?

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WORD Bookstore Talk & Signing

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VII Gallery Talk

Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and First Second
Books are pleased to present a unique opportunity to hear from some of
the key people involved in the creation of The Photographer during a panel discussion at the VII Gallery in Brooklyn, New York,
moderated by award-winning VII photographer Ron Haviv

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