“If you’re a discerning graphic novel reader who wants a
much richer experience than what one usually expects from the medium, pick up Prince
of Persia
— you’re in for a treat.” – Critical Mass

“LeUyen Pham and Alex Puvilland . . . depict all the book’s
swords fights, courtly intrigues, romantic interludes and lucid dreamscapes
with a style that evokes Middle Eastern art and design while retaining the
vibrancy of modern action cartoons.” – Chicago Sun-Times

“The book is not a simple action-adventure, however, but
instead tells two intertwining stories of love, death, betrayal, and fate .” – I Love Rob

“It’s an amazingly well constructed story, one that manages
to withhold bits of important information until the precise moment where their
revelation will have the greatest impact.” – Every Day is Like a Wednesday