Today is publication day for a really special book.


I first read Hidden in its original French. My French is okay but not good. But because L’enfant cachée is a book for young children, it was written at about my reading level. This means I had an experience I don’t often have: reading a truly perfect (non-English) literary work in its original language. It was a very moving experience.


It’s a very moving book.

Hidden is a story about the Holocaust, and it’s an important one because it takes a point of view you don’t often see: the point of view of a very young child who understands almost nothing about what is happening around her except that she is in danger, and that the people who are protecting her are in danger, and that her parents, who have been taken from her and imprisoned for being Jewish, are in very, very grave danger.

This is a book about being afraid and deciding to live through the fear, even when you are very, very young and can make almost no other decisions for yourself.

We’re so proud that we’re able to give this beautiful and remarkable book a home here in the US.