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Introducing HIDDEN

Today is publication day for a really special book. I first read Hidden in its original French. My French is okay but not good. But because L'enfant cachée is a book for young children, it was written at about my reading level. This means I had an experience I don't often have: reading a truly [...]

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The Glorkian Warrior Delivers a Book!

Guys, I'm so excited -- it's finally time for PIZZA! I mean, it's finally time for THE GLORKIAN WARRIOR! Because it comes out today. You will find betwixt the covers of this brand spankin' new work from James Kochalka: Clam and peanut butter pizza Baby aliens Talking backpacks Incompetency Laughs! As the wise man said, [...]

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Happy book birthday, CHARACTERS IN ACTION!

This book is super awesome, and here's why: Kids are storytellers. Storytelling is an inherent human trait, and like many other inherent human traits (singing, drawing, dancing) a lot of kids are scared off from it as they grow up. The ADVENTURES IN CARTOONING series is a fantastic antidote for this syndrome, letting kids bring [...]

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Happy book birthday, FAIRY TALE COMICS!!!!

Once upon a time: seventeen cartoonists, an editor, another editor, an assistant editor, an editorial director, a designer, a marketing manager, a production editor, a managing editor, a publisher, several interns, all the employees of a printing house far, far away, an entire sales force, many booksellers, and the staff of a huge book warehouse [...]

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YOU GUYS! YOU GUYS! I'm tossing away my ill-fitting mantle of Professional Editor Lady for a moment to let my inner fangirl come slithering out, and to say: YOU GUYS! YOU GUYS! IT'S DELILAH DIRK DAY! Yes, today is the publication day of my number one favorite fictional British-Greek adventure-lady with a flying boat and [...]

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Richard Feynman: awesomely smart guy, fun at parties, now out in paperback!

You like quantum electrodynamics, don't you? Of course you do! Who doesn't, am I right? All I'm gonna say here is if you think you don't like physics, or physicists, this book will change your mind. And now it's out in a gorgeous, sleek, affordable paperback edition! So if you're looking for a fantastic biography [...]

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