Oh, the joys of being an Odd Duck. If you’re a Theodora-style Odd Duck, maybe you’re a little fussy, a little particular about your life. You’ve got your funny ways, and you stick to them. You might not be super sociable–you’ve got your own thing going, after all. If you’re a Chad-style Odd Duck, you might be into strange, loud, flamboyant gestures – maybe you dye your feathers or make crazy art, or have crummy table manners.

Anyone who’s met me can guess which kind of Odd Duck I am. But just like Chad, I’m friends with a bunch of Theodoras, and we have more in common than you might think!

Odd Duck was a joy to work on, and it’s a joy to read. It’s a simple story about accepting differences — your own, and others’ — but it’s also kind of a profound look at friendship. The best books — whether they’re for children or for adults — tell us something about ourselves, and help us understand something about others.

Odd Duck stands with the best, without a doubt. And it has the advantage over many other similarly profound works in that it’s funny, and light-hearted, and as sweet as mango salsa.