I’m so happy to have a chance to contribute to this awesome bloggy festival of love for Zita the Spacegirl, in honor of the publication of the third book in the series! See below for more info on the official blog tour. You might notice that my particular contribution is two shameful days late, but I hope the fact that I’m late because I spent the weekend singing the praises of Zita to everyone at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival will help explain that!


So, Calista, I hear you all crying out, what’s your favorite thing about Zita the Spacegirl?


It’s the cosplay, you guys!

Cosplay is just a fancy, nerdish word for costume, and the thing I love most about Zita the Spacegirl is that so many kids – and adults! – love her and admire her and connect with her enough to be inspired to dress up like her.


There’s something really powerful about putting on a costume. People do it out of love, and because there’s something in that character that we recognize and want for ourselves. I imagine that for some kids (and adults!) it’s Zita’s bravery that inspires them. For others, maybe it’s her generosity and humanity. And for still others, it’s her flaws: that she’s afraid, sometimes, and petty, sometimes, and still finds a way to rise above it and save the day, with her loyal friends at her side.


And it sure doesn’t hurt that her costume is super duper cool.


Thank you, Ben Hatke, for giving us a character who gives us something great to see in ourselves.


For more awesome Zita cosplay, check out these



at Ben Hatke’s blog!


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