"Gorgeous and compelling. Zahra's Paradise is more than a graphic novel. It is a testament to the unbreakable will of a people ready to bear any cost to shake off the yoke of oppression."

Reza Aslan
Author of No god but God


Zahra's Paradise is an event. Thousands have discovered it online at www.zahrasparadise.com as it serialized in a dozen languages. As of today it's a beautiful hardcover book packed with added back matter—all in all, an indispensable entry in the unfolding history of the Middle East, the Arab Spring uprisings, and a very human glimpse into Iran today, right now. And beyond that even, a brother's quest, a missing son, a mother's love make Zahra's Paradise a potent universal tale.

As it releases almost simultaneously around the planet (and many more translations on the way in coming months) Zahra's Paradise does what few books ever do, in fiction or non-fiction. It is born of grief and sorrow, but also of love and delight. It's a transporting experience, and one we're immensely proud to be attached to at First Second.

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