April 29, 2009
Posted by: Calista Brill
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What a spring we’re having! The Color of EarthAdventures in CartooningThe Photographer… and as of April 27, The Eternal Smile by Gene Luen Yang and Derek Kirk Kim. This cover seemed especially perfect during the unreality of the last few days in NYC, where temperatures soared to record highs and the sun grinned down on us with every one of its 386 billion billion megawatts in full effect. It’s always a good sign when the weather is paying attention to important graphic novel publications!

Gene Yang and Derek Kirk Kim’s collaboration The Eternal Smile is already garnering richly-deserved good buzz wherever it turns up, which, we hope, now that it is available in quality bookstores and comic shops everywhere, will be IN YOUR POCKET.

Three stories about the intersection of reality and fantasy in our lives, remarkable for their incredible variety, startling harmony, and above all, the virtuosity of two of this country’s great masters, Gene and Derek. Good work, guys. Thanks for letting us be part of this.

…But lest you become too starry-eyed about this pivital moment in graphic novel history, you might want to hear what Derek Kirk Kim Derek’s assistant has to say about his job:

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  • Eden | April 29th, 2009 5:25 pm

    Once I get money again, I’ll be picking this up. I’ve never read anything bad by First Second (no, seriously) and I’d be looking forward to this one anyway.

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