This week is Children’s Book Week — the week where the publishing industry encourages you to think about how important books are for kids.

(And then there are some events and other fun things happening, too!)

The theme for this year’s Children’s Book Week is comics, which we are absolutely delighted about!  In fact, Free Comic Book Day is going to be the kick-off event.  Comics are a really important part of contemporary children’s literature, being read by kids around the United States in newspapers, online, and at their schools and libraries!  Graphic novels are winning awards and being recognized as a valuable part of children’s literature like never before.

Yay that!  Yay for all of that!

But besides that, there’s a larger message here with Children’s Book Week: it’s that reading is important, and it’s something that should be part of every child’s life.  There are too many kids who don’t have books in their homes, who don’t have access to libraries, and who aren’t reading — and whose futures are all the poorer for that.

Reading expands the mind, and it’s great to start expanding your mind when you’re young, so as you’re older you can fit more and more and more things into it.

I hope you all can spend this week sharing a great book with a kid!