We went to Comic Arts Brooklyn this weekend and had a splendid time!  It was a show full of great comics and people and more people and even more people.

Here are some pictures!

We arrived at Comic Arts Brooklyn and there was an excellent poster outside.


And then we went inside and were promptly confronted with this wonderful display on the stage!


And a table!


We promptly went to work and pulled out our books, which assembled attractively as you can see below.


These books!  So beauteous.


And here’s a close up.


The Cute Girl Network was our show debut at Comics Art Brooklyn, and it was a great success!  You can see it looking marvelous here.


The doors opened at 11am and the show floor promptly turned into a seething morass of comics-loving people (in the best possible way)!


Here are some of our first visitors (who stuck around, with their notebook of epicness, to read much of Legends of Zita the Spacegirl.  They had excellent taste)!


George O’Connor was our first author to do a signing, and a bevy of small children (and some adults) stopped by to check out the Olympians books.


Here George draws a Cyclops in a copy of his most recent Olympians book, Poseidon!


Dave Roman stopped by to sign Astronaut Academy (in silver)!