A juicy comics treat: HAMSTER AND CHEESE

When she's not designing books for First Second, Colleen Venable's secret lives include being an author. This first in a delicious new series, HAMSTER and CHEESE introduces a new Private Eye to reckon with: a guinea pig named Sasspants and the case of the stolen sandwich.

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Apparently, MySpace has made American Born Chinese a featured book... Not all good news, though, since it seems to come with a rather tasteless ad campaign that uses the Chin-Kee character out of context, and has led to all kinds of discussions among people who haven't read the book. Gene Yang responds. Does acknowledging a [...]

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Blue Bandana Kampung Boy Reader — WANTED

This letter just came in... If anyone knows who the KAMPUNG BOY reader was on the F-train, please let us know at mail@firstsecondbooks.com and we'll put you in touch with Kashminder who wants to say thank you: Hello: My name is Kash and I met a woman on April 9th on the F-Train around 7pm [...]

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