When I was a wee thing (that is to say, in my mid-twenties), I read a graphic novel. It looked like this:


Same Difference made a strong impression on me. It was a comic, yes, and boy howdy do I love a comic. But I'd never read one that seemed as though it had been written for me, personally. Simon and Nancy are characters that any twenty-something-year-old will find relatable, and better than that: Same Difference is not only funny, beautiful, and highly entertaining: it is literary. This is a story I could hand to my snobbiest friends and say, "See? You can do this with comics." Derek Kirk Kim raised the bar with Same Difference.

I've talked to a lot of people who had the same experience with Same Difference: a moment of profound – and profoundly satisfying – epiphany. I'm so glad First Second is bringing this beautiful story back into print…and in a gorgeous new package that raises the bar just a little bit higher.