2016: Books!

We published a lot of great books in 2016, and here they all are! They have really cool front covers, and equally cool back covers! But our favorite parts are definitely what's on the inside. We’re so proud to publish these amazing graphic novels! If you haven’t read them yet, we hope you can check [...]

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First Second Books in Fall 2015!

We've just finished up First Second's full season of cover reveals! In case you missed any, here's the complete line-up of what's in store from First Second this fall. The most recent in the Last Man series, by Bastien Vivès, Michaël Sanlaville, and Balak: The Chase!  The adventure continues (and gets more dramatic)! Fable Comics [...]

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We are in shock. How to respond to the murder of our colleagues at Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris? The obscene, monstrous attack of extremists only confirms that Charlie Hebdo's unapologetically offensive humor served a vital purpose, if as a society we all intend to protect freedom of speech. Our deepest condolences to the families of [...]

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The trilogy is complete! Of all our books, Zita the Spacegirl has earned the most fan photos and cosplay. Ben Hatke's joyful, unbridled universe keeps growing richer with creatures and space-operatic adventure. Now a complete trilogy, the Zita story is a gem and a treat and fantastical delight for everyone, starting in their pre-Star Wars [...]

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